Bayou Preservation Association

Downtown Houston and the Buffalo Bayou, taken from Sabine Street. Photo credit:

Location: 3201 Allen Pkwy Houston, TX 77019
Description: Established in 1969, the Bayou Preservation Association is one of the oldest environmental protection organizations in Texas, aiming to protect the natural beauty & integrity of Houston’s waterways. According to its website, BPA’s mission is to “protect and restore the richness and diversity of [Houston's] waterways through activism, advocacy,collaboration and education.”
Originally formed as the Buffalo Bayou Protection Association (BBPA) in the mid-1960s, by concerned citizens of Memorial Park.
Local residents were concerned by the rapid and apparently unmonitored changes to the Bayou ecosystem, primarily due to development and construction.
By 1969, the BBPA’s scope was broadened to include all bayous in the Houston & Harris County’s watershed.
Monitors 22 creeks, bayous, and bays, that feed into the watershed.
Current projects include the development of paddling trails, with the intention of raising public awareness through recreational provisions.
Advocates for low-impact development, which poses minimal interference to aquatic ecosystems.
Public campaigns include awareness on the effects of flushing prescription drugs, improperly disposing of plastic, and failing to manage stormwater runoff.
Conclusion: The Bayou Preservation Association is another example of a very efficient and highly effective non-profit organization, whose scope has broadened significantly over the decades. Although it’s clear that BPA’s relationship with the City of Houston has been contentious at times, it apparent the both parties stand to benefit from increased collaboration—particularly as aquatic ecosystems are stressed further due to local climatic changes and ongoing drought conditions.

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