Pedernales Lofts

Pedernales Lofts

Location2401 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702
Description: Completed in 2005, the Pedernales is a mixed-used property in the East Side of Austin. Rather uniquely, the units are designed to be adaptable for commercial and residential purposes, depending on the needs of the tenant (as well as the market).
+ First multi-family LEED Gold Certified building in East Austin.
+ Xeriscape landscaping throughout the property, reducing water consumption from irrigation.
+ Rainwater catchment system installed in the center courtyard (prominently displayed).
+ Solar array provides energy for shared residential facilities.
+ Existing trees & natural structures integrated seamlessly into the built environment, such as outdoor lighting mounted from overhead branches.
Conclusion: The Pedernales development appears to have adopted a dynamic tenancy model intended to prove versatile for tenant and owner. The position of the property on the site, however, means that certain suites are less conducive to commercial use. For example, spaces on the rear side of the building facing 5th Street are not viable for retail use, given the limited parking and visibility. All of these suites are presently utilized for residential, not exactly benefitting from the individual mixed-use design. As a proof of concept, however, the Pedernales is highly functional, and one would hope that developers will gain valuable insight from the successes of this unique complex.


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