Location: 110 W Elizabeth St Austin, TX 78704
Description: Open since 1990 in Austin, Eco-Wise is a building and living supply store, specializing in “non-toxic Earth-friendly” products. Its showroom is split into two portions: one for building/construction and one for home/living goods, targeting a broad demographic of environmentally conscious customers.
Significant portion of the showroom dedicated to green flooring and countertops.
All wood products come from sustainably harvested or reclaimed sources.
Bamboo constitutes much of the “new growth” based product, along with natural oils from maize, flax, and linseed.
Countertops produced from magma, recycled paper & glass.
Supplies local companies such as Whole Foods with sustainable materials.
Section of the store dedicated to children’s green awareness and education programs.
Healthier living section features household products made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, such as clay, wool, bamboo, and organic cotton.
Conclusion: Eco-Wise is a store with a very distinct identity, perhaps reflective of its surrounding community and Austin at-large. It’s employees are clearly knowledgeable and dedicated to the “greater good,” of which their business plays an essential part. Unfortunately, this attitude may prove slightly intimidating or off-putting to the casual (or curious) consumer. Eco-Wise is not, nor does it aim to be, merely a green alternative to Lowe’s or Home Depot. Rather, it intends to be a local purveyor of Earth-friendly products, perhaps sharing some knowledge along the way.


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