Innovative Water Solutions

Innovative Water Solutions

Location: 501 W Powell Ln Austin, TX 78753
Description: Innovative Water Solutions LLC is a company specializing in the design & build of rainwater catchment and water conservation systems. It provides services to both commercial and residential clients, including those in the predominately rural Texas Hill Country.
Founded by Blake West and Chris Maxwell-Gaines in March 2004.
Initially provided services to Austin’s urban residents, before expanding to suburban and rural areas.
Aided by the City of Austin’s tax rebates for rainwater catchment systems, which have been in place since the early 1990s.
Most commercial installations are on new construction, typically for the purpose of LEED/Austin Green Building.
The most “visible” solution is often requested, even if a more effective solution is available (such as a retention pond).
Conclusion: Our visit with Innovative Water Solutions was both relevant and informative, particularly given the ongoing drought conditions impacting Central Texas. Rainwater, not unlike sunlight and wind, is far from being an “on-demand” resource, but this serves as an argument for conservation, rather than against it. It was inspiring to see a small startup up grow into a successful and respected company within its industry in only a few years–particularly when its owners are clearly passionate about their product/services.


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