Sol Austin

Sol Austin

Location: 1127 Perry Rd Austin, TX 78721
Description: Sol Austin is a sustainable community of Net Zero energy homes in East Austin. Designed by KRDB Architects and built by Beck-Reit and Sons, the development attempts to balance financial and environmental responsibility, while fostering a sense of “micro-community” for its residents.
Distinctly modern homes are designed with passive efficiency in mind, such as open floor plans, high ceilings, windows, natural lighting, and insulation.
Centrally located only 3.3 miles from the city’s downtown.
All homes rated 4 to 5 stars by Austin Energy’s Green Building Program.
100% electric and are Net Zero capable, having the potential to produce as much energy as they consume.
Prices start at $190,000, for homes ranging from 1000 to 1800 square feet.
Cost premium of 15-18% for standard construction.
Community emphasizes “site stewardship,” with a community park, sub-grade bio-filtration, joint access drives, quality outdoor spaces, and varied street setbacks.
Many mature trees on the site were preserved, and 150 live oak saplings were replanted.
Conclusion: Beyond providing multiple examples of Net Zero home design, Sol Austin also serves as a model for sustainable development. It’s modest ecological footprint is perhaps the ideal for future neighborhood development in the United States, encouraging the efficient use of space and resources. It would be interesting to see a project similar to Sol Austin that caters to a more traditional American residential design aesthetic, which could prove more accessible to the average homebuyer.


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