Palo Alto College

Location: 1400 W Villaret Blvd San Antonio, TX 78224
Description: Palo Alto Community College is a member school of the Alamo Community College District, which serves the greater San Antonio area. Our cohort had the opportunity to meet with Professor Stephen Colley, who develops certificate programs for the continuing education division of the college. The courses are designed to provide vocational and trade skills to pupils, all from various disciplines in the field of sustainability. In some cases, these programs cater to the needs of the job market, as has been the case with natural gas exploration and hydraulic fracturing, as well technological developments in residential and commercial construction. What is perhaps most inspiring about the programs is that they are open to all interested parties, irrespective of their educational background. Such offerings are essential to improving public awareness and education, as well as vocational “green collar” jobs, in the name of sustainability.

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