Slow Food South Texas

Slow Food community garden at Lamar Elementary School.

Location: 201 Parland Pl San Antonio, TX 78209
Description: Slow Food South Texas is San Antonio’s local chapter of the international Slow Food movement. Found and current chapter president, Susan Rigg, met with us at Lamar Elementary School’s community garden, sponsored by the organization. She explained to us that her primary motivation for starting the local chapter was to disseminate knowledge about urban agriculture and gardening. However, Slow Food South Texas differs from other organizations in that it is “culinarily driven.” That is, edible plants are selected to be grown and harvested for the purpose of cooking. As a consequence, volunteers (both adults and children) learn about seasonality and the growth cycles of staple crops—essential knowledge that has been lost in recent generations. The phrase “community garden” is often synonymous will neglect and disrepair, but through integration of the garden into school curricula, encouraging parent involvement, and emphasizing the culinary arts, Slow Food South Texas has revivified the concept into a more sustainable social venture.

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