New Hope Housing: 2424 Sakowitz

New Hope Housing: 2424 Sakowitz

Location: 2424 Sakowitz St Houston, TX 77020
Description: New Hope Housing was founded in 1993 with the purpose of developing and operating single room occupancy (SRO) efficiency apartment housing stock in the greater Houston area. 2424 Sakowitz, located in Greater Fifth Ward/Denver Harbor,  is New Hope’s fifth property; it is also the first to be LEED certified (NC-Platinum) by the USGBC.
Designed by Val Glitsch, FAIA, LEED AP, the same architect who designed New Hope’s award-winning Canal Street Apartments.
Consists 166 single room occupancy units.
+ Xeriscape landscaping, including 100 native tree plantings.
+ Water-conserving appliances and fixtures.
+ Water-conserving irrigation system including rain water tanks
+ Water retention system
+ Efficient energy use with Energy Star appliances
+ Use of recycled materials
+ Roofing, paving, and plantings that reduce Heat-Island Effect
+ HVAC system for more efficient heating/cooling distribution
Conclusion: A recurring theme for non-profit organizations who maintain facilities is the notion of achieving long-term sustainability through reduction of ongoing/maintenance costs. New Hope Housing is no exception, as they sought to design a highly efficient building that had a lasting ROI for the organization and its donors. The mission and core values of New Hope Housing align perfectly with the tenets of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and it’s refreshing to see that the metaphor is not lost on the organization.

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