Hibiscus Hill Plantation (Georgia’s Grassfed Beef)

Owner's residence on Hibiscus Hill Plantation.

Location: 14182 Cochran Rd Waller, TX 77484
Website: txgrassfedbeef.com
Description: Hibiscus Hill Plantation is an organic production and demonstration farm located in Waller, Texas, approximately 45 miles northwest of Houston. Owned by Georgia and Richard Bost, the farm specializes in pasture-fed beef and poultry, which it sells at Georgia’s Farm to Market in Houston.
Land in Waller County was purchased in 1999.
Public education and demonstration of organic farming practices was intended from the start.
Animal welfare approved.
No antibiotics used unless absolutely necessary.
Farm occupies 270 acres of land, comprised of orchards, crop fields, and grazing pastures.
Approximately 1,000 chickens are kept at any given time.
Poultry are also pasture-fed with limited corn intake.
Grassfed beef is shown to be significantly more nutritious than (now) conventional corn-fed beef.
Conclusion: As the final visit of the Central and South Texas portion of our study tour, Hibiscus Hill Plantation was equal parts refreshing and enlightening. In the sustainability discourse, much time is spent discussing ways in which we can reduce our energy and resource consumption, but it’s frequently concerned only with raw Earth minerals/materials. Food, on the other hand, is something very personal to all of us, and I believe it’s crucial for us to reacquaint ourselves with the source of our sustenance. While we’ve all heard that it’s more sustainable to purchase locally from farmer’s markets, visiting a production farm facilitates a better understanding of the logistics of our food system—fostering a lasting sense of appreciation for both farmer & animal welfare.

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